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Peace of Mind Starts Here with

Automated Temperature Screening

Maintain a safe, secure and trusted workplace environment.

TempUCheck is 100% contactless providing the most accurate method to safely read temperatures.

Medical-grade Sensor ◉ Facial Recognition ◉ Access Control ◉ Api Integration ◉ Notification ◉ Reporting

Introducing The Tempucheck System

The TempuCheck touchless automated temperature screening system is perfect for

hospitals, offices, schools, residential buildings, retail and more.

Within a matter of seconds, TempuCheck is able to read body temperatures,
and alert users if they have a fever.

Temperature Detection

Get an accurate temperature read in less than 3 seconds.

Instant Notification

Be informed immediately if a high temperature is detected.

Secure Records

Analytics, time punches and more can be exported securely via Wi-Fi.

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Our App Is Now Available On Google Play

Face Temperature Scanner App

TempuCheck is designed to instill a sense of trust and safety in every industry.


Our world is changing and so are our business needs.

Take the first step at securing your workplace by providing peace of mind to your employees and clients.

Maintain a safe, secure, and trusted workplace environment with 100% contactless, safe and automated temperature screening kiosk devices from TempuCheck.

Body Temperature Screening Kiosk

Features & Highlights

Thermal Sensor

Get an accurate temperature read in less than 3 seconds.

Protective Masks

Has the feature to read the temperature of users wearing protective masks.

Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition to capture and store valuable data.

Access Control

Can be connected with automatic doors, or ticketing systems.

Fever Alarm

An Alarm will sound if the temperature reading exceeds.

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