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Automated Temperature Screening


Automated Temperature Screening

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

Where can they be used?

TempuCheck can be installed at key access points like entrances, lobbies, and hallways, to help businesses and institutions reopen and maintain a safe environment for their employees, customers, and patrons. Our trusted temperature screening kiosk is also quickly becoming popular in the healthcare industry due to its fast and reliable technology to detect high temperatures.

The kiosk is capable of reading temperature within seconds and is an ideal choice for mass temperature vetting purposes. Apart from business spaces, a temperature screening kiosk for healthcare can also provide dependable services at social events, hospitals, and educational institutions.

Installing our superior automated temperature screening Kiosk at your office or institution also exemplifies that you wish to create a healthy and safe environment.

How the Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk works

TempuCheck uses a combination of facial recognition and infrared technology to detect and scan body temperature. The temperature screening kiosk uses an infrared scanning technology that is similar to those used in thermal cameras. However, the kiosk mostly scans the forehead instead of the whole body. It uses the temporal artery in the forehead, which offers a good base for temperature scans. Hence the temperature kiosk for healthcare also acts as a temporal scanner.

The thermal scanner for body temperature also displays less variability in readings as it scans only one person at a time and requires them to stand at least two feet away from the kiosk.

To use TempCheck, a person has to step within the target range (usually 2 to 3 feet away). With infrared technology, the fever screening thermal camera will scan the forehead and take your temperature.

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

Supearior Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

Access Control System Face Recognition

Features & specifications of Automated Temperature Screening

  • Face recognition body temperature
  • Touch-less automated temperature screening
  • Thermal scanner for body temperature
  • Temperature screening kiosk for healthcare
  • Contactless sign-in kiosks with automated temperature scan
  • Temperature reading even through protective masks.

Understanding the features

Face Recognition Body Temperature

Biometrics are biological measurements, such as eyes or face shape, that uniquely identify a person. The face temperature scanner app in TempuCheck uses these biometrics to map the users’ faces to identify them. Then, a facial signature is created using complex mathematical formulas.

The automated facial recognition system then retrieves and compares the data from a database of known individuals to find a match. The efficient system is quite convenient for large companies that have thousands of employees coming and going every day. Although the kiosk scans visitor temperatures, their identity will not be recognized unless they have a user profile.

The kiosk uses machine learning technology to improve the facial recognition system accuracy. Through machine learning, the system recognizes faces from other objects, and can also distinguish one face from another.

The facial recognition system can also be used to set up an access control system for face recognition. They can be linked to doors that will only open for people who have an acceptable body temperature, or those who are registered employees.

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

Face Recognition Body Temperature
Contactless Body Temperature Kiosk

Contactless Body Temperature Kiosk

Using the no-touch temperature kiosk, businesses, supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants can now comply with the various mandates set by the state and national governments. Although the no-touch body temperature kiosk cannot completely prevent the spread of the virus, it can still help organizations identify potential carriers or infected people who can be pulled aside for further screening.

The touch-less automated temperature screening provides a complete contactless experience as it does not require any manual operation. People can maintain adequate distance and they do not require any prior knowledge to use the simple device.

The touchless automated screener kit lets you synchronize your kiosk sensor to read faces only at a specific distance and let them know if they should move closer or further away. You can also set the desired temperature to permit entry to individuals.

Fever Screening Thermal Camera

A thermal scanner for body temperature assists with fever screening by detecting elevated body temperatures in a few seconds. Any object that has a temperature above absolute zero emits infrared radiation (IR). The thermal imaging camera for body temperature detects high IR intensity to provide colorful images based on the temperature scales.

With an accuracy of +/- 0.5 degrees, the thermal screening system provides the temperature data to an operator and displays a message on the screen (if the temperature is permissible or not). The kiosk also provides verbal alerts for high temperatures. It can also instruct people to wear a mask if they are not wearing one.

By analyzing the thermal screening temperature, operators can perform appropriate secondary screening measures according to the protocols.

TempuCheck is an excellent way to create a safe environment for all your employees and customers to give them the confidence of working in a safe environment. Reach out to us to install your very own contactless temperature screening kiosk today!

Touch-Less Automated Temperature Screening