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Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk

Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk – A Step towards Safer Health

An automated temperature screening kiosk uses a blend of facial recognition and infrared technology to rapidly recognize and scan a person’s temperature. These devices can recognize an individual and check their temperature within a few seconds. This renders the kiosks suitable for mass temperature checking purposes.

Working on a temperature screening kiosk

A Temperature Screening Kiosk works in a somewhat sturdy and trouble-free manner –

1.  An individual has to step inside the target range, which is generally around 1-3 feet.

2. Utilizing infrared technology, the person’s temple is scanned and checked for temperature.

3. The device will elude the person for further screening if their temperature is higher than the limit.

4. The additional screening may incorporate a quick round of questions about the side effects. This occurrence is beneficial to prevent the spread of contagious diseases such as coronavirus.

Benefits of temperature screening kiosk

In today’s world, with the growing concerns of coronavirus, a temperature screening kiosk is a significant step towards the safety and health of people. It carries a significant number of benefits to it, some of which are mentioned below –

1. Specific, automatic, and reasonable

An automated temperature screening kiosk offers precise temperatures and is moderate to buy.

2. Employs a reference heat source for definite precision

The temperature screening kiosk uses a heat source from the body and consequently assesses temperature precisely.

3. Assessments at a safe social distance

The temperature screening kiosk measures the temperature of a person’s body without human contact and henceforth sticks to social distancing standards that might be set up.

4. Designed and modified for skin temperature measurement

The device has been uniquely intended to measure skin temperature precisely.

5. Rapid measurements

The temperature screening kiosk offers fast temperature assessments, hence, notifying your employees of their unusual temperatures right away.

6. Facial recognition with mask

Temperature screening kiosks can be integrated with facial recognition to recognize employees, even with their masks.

Looking to provide a healthier, safer environment for your employees? Choose TempUCheck, a leading Automated Temperature Screening Kiosk, and stay trouble-free!

TempUCheck ensures 100% contactless temperature screening with its impressive facial recognition feature and medical-grade sensor.

Choose health and safety by contacting them at 866-316-0808 today!

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