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Covid-19 Temperature Screening Kiosk

Access Control & Facial Recognition Systems – Why it’s important for the workplace?

No matter whether you are running a small company or a large company, it is crucial to invest in your office security. By deploying the right security measure in your workplace, you can easily prevent different unwanted issues. Apart from unwanted entry, companies may face fraud, theft, terrorism, vandalism, and more. This is where you can use the best access control system face recognition.

It has been seen that these advanced technologies are now gaining popularity as they offer reliable and most effective processes to track guests, employees, and visitors. Using this, you can establish a robust security check in your office. The modern Face recognition access control terminal can be fully automatic and can provide you with an additional layer of protection to the entire company’s security system. Let’s talk about these systems in detail.

How does a face recognition system work? 

In simple words, a facial recognition system is one type of biometric application that is designed and developed to capture as well as to detect the person or employees utilizing the digital facial image. Well, you can also use a face recognition body temperature system that can also detect body temperature. Such systems can also be connected to the ticketing or automatic door systems, and it will allow the person to enter if the body temperature level is below the set temperature.

In order to capture the face, the employees need to stand in front of the machine. Then the camera connected to the machine will take a digital image of the employees. After that, it will develop computerized data of the faces and store it. Now, every time the employees stand in front of the machine, it will compare the images against the database. If you have a Fever Screening Thermal Camera, then it will check the body’s temperature.

How can this improve your workplace security?

Better access control –

One of the crucial features of the system is the maximum level of access control. Well, you can use a fingerprint scanning system or a swiping card system. But these systems can be manipulated easily. But a thermal scanner for body temperature system can easily counter the drawbacks of those traditional security systems. By deploying this, you can enjoy a reliable approach in allowing access to your employees. If your demands better sanitary measures or has some expensive inventories, then you should use such systems.

You can keep your workplace healthy –

Well, by using a facial recognition system with a temperature scanning feature, you can lower the risk of getting affected with COVID-19. An elevated temperature is a common symptom among the affected people. The machine utilizes advanced infrared scanning technology to determine whether an employee’s temperature is elevated or not. This way you can, you can prevent the infected employees from entering the office.

You will save time –

You all know that maintaining the employee’s attendance is a time-taking task. However, by using such systems, you can automate different tasks, such as creating staff schedules, payroll, authorizing overtime, leave, and more. This way, you will save time and focus on important tasks.

You can make your office COVID compliant –

Clocking in and out using a facial recognition system lets you maintain a hands-free method of entry into the workplace. This is much secure than punching your thumb on a fingerprint scanner. Besides, some machines can be programmed to be utilized in conjunction with a thermal screening platform. So, your workplace will become COVID-compliant.

So, what are you waiting for? Check the Face Recognition Body Temperature and install one now at your workplace to keep it secure and healthy for all.

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