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Thermal Body Temperature Screening System: Here All Know About Better

Thermal Body Temperature Screening System: Here All Know About Better

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has greatly changed the way everyone used to carry out their regular activities. And during these times, where things are very uncertain, all the businesses should take appropriate steps and precautions to keep their customers, employees as well as guests safe from the COVID-19 and other harmful viruses. Well, there is the best solution for this, and that is using a Thermal Screening Temperature machine.

Cold and fever are some primary COVID-19 symptoms, and testing everyone’s temperature in public places has become a new practice and mandatory. Well, you can deploy someone who can check the temperature using a thermal or temperature gun. But this can be very challenging. But you can make the thermal screening process comfortable and fast just by using a quality temperature scanning system.

A great way to keep your office safe for all


A Thermal Imaging Camera Body Temperature machine uses advanced infrared as well as facial recognition technology to scan and then record the body temperature of every individual visiting your organization. The primary purpose of the machine is to assist screen people for abnormal readings like a fever using a contactless system. 

It will instantly detect the affected person, and you can restrict their entry to the premises. Apart from doing Thermal Screening Temperature, some machines can also come equipped with some other useful features such as sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer dispensers.

How does a thermal screening machine work?

All the temperature screening machines utilize IR- Infrared technology, or they can use an advanced laser thermometer to check the body temperature. The machine will do that by properly scanning the hand or forehead and offer the readings within a few seconds.

To make them work perfectly, they need to be placed in certain environmental conditions. As per the FDA’s guidelines:

  • The environment where you want to place the machine should be draft-free and tour of any direct heat sources.
  • The temperature of the surrounding environment should be between 60 to 104-degree C. They should make sure that the humidity level is below 85 percent.

In general, a Fever Screening Thermal Camera will measure the surface temperature. As a result, the readings of the machine can be a little lower than form the expected body temperature. Well, in some cases, the surface temperature readings will vary by one to two degrees. On the other hand, a person’s distance from the scanner can also affect the temperature reading. So, to get an accurate result, you need to make sure that the subject stands within around 2 feet of the machine.

Choosing a right temperature scanning machine

One of the most important things that you need to consider while buying a thermal scanner to read body temperature is the screening methods used in the machine. Some of the popular persona use tools are the under-the-tongue method, ear thermometer, handheld temperature reading guns, and more. 

But the thermal scanner kiosks are perfect for business as they don’t need an administrator. While some machines use FLIR- Forward Looking Infrared technology, some kiosks come with thermal sensors to detect normal infrared light. Before choosing, you need to make sure that the Thermal Scanner for Body Temperature meets the FDA guidelines to conduct a body temperature screening.

Besides, there are some extra features that you should consider, such as:

  • Image capture-There are some devices that can capture the images of potentially ill employees for future references. But before using such a feature, you should follow the HIPAA guidelines.
  • Email alerts-With such a feature, the machine will be able to send an alert to the administrator when it detects an employee with elevated temperature.
  • Offline and online facial recognition- This way, you can enjoy a seamless temperature screening process in a high-traffic location.
  • Card access and facial matching- You can increase your premise’s security by integrating facial recognition technology into your machine. This way, you will be able to make sure that only approved staff are scanning into the office.
  • Remote management- Such a feature will make the process of managing the machine much easier. You can obtain all the data and customer the settings of the machine from any location.
  • Warranty of the product-You should choose a Thermal Screening Temperature machine that comes with a minimum of 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Understanding some benefits of using a temperature screening machine

  • These machines are quite affordable, and you can automate the process to enjoy a hassle-free operation. Besides, when it comes to getting accurate readings, you can use these machines.
  • A Thermal Scanner for Body Temperature utilizes a perfect heat source from your body. So, the temperature measurement will be 100 percent accurate.
  • You can also integrate a temperature screening machine into a software program that enables you to limit premise access when the staff is flagged for an elevated temperature reading. This can be done through the badge scanning feature.
  • This machine plays a great role in creating a safer and healthy environment for the visitors and employees. Using this, you will be able to prevent affected people from entering the building.
  • Most of these machines are compliant with FDA as well as NDAA guidelines.
  • Some machine comes with a contactless hand sanitizer dispenser. As a result, this will encourage the staff to keep the hand clean.

It is time that every company should work to adopt the best strategies to bring their employees back into work, and a temperature screening machine can help them in that by offering a safe working environment.

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